The girl in glasses

The same soulful eyes,

The same flawless waves,

And the same curious voice I remember from those days,

The same perfect body, the same perfect pace,

but missing is the smile that once graced that face.


I remember the time when I wished and would pray,

I dreamt and I thought of you for days-

We met, we loved and then there was that day,

I stood there waiting but you had to walk away.


Our eyes meet again after ages, it has been a while,

Came back the memories and a trace of that smile.

No words to say, nowhere to hide, we smile or we cry? None can decide.

A smiling spectator to this view,

see your man put a ring, again, on you.


Took me a gin and tonic and some wine and an hour,

But now had the strength, the smile and knew what to say-

“Toast to the married couple and to many a happy days!!”

I smiled, I wondered, and I whispered on my way-

And one for the girl in glasses…… who didn’t stay…

2 thoughts on “The girl in glasses

  1. The line flow with bundles of emotions. Gives out the “Girl is being missed badly”. Good one. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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