IBMC #03: Risk for a Random Challenge

the third challenge! an ode to randomness!

Beckham had a go! Will it be a goal?” the commentator stood up in excitement. “Life is small and our world is round, so you never know!” was Columbus’s reply. The defender said, “Take deep breathes, sway, and keep the opposition at bay.

We have a wall and my friend, you just cannot bypass it,” replied China. “There was a flash? Wait, it is the FLASH!” superman smiled.“My son, NOW let us slay some dragons!!” the hunter shouted sensing victory. “Until we meet again on the other side my brothers!” the Spartan roared and charged at the enemy.

The director yelled at the background dancers. “Remember! You are random, Insignificant, (sighs) the leftover of the significant!”

The blind man ran into the pole on hearing the noises. In the end, Germans won.




1 thought on “IBMC #03: Risk for a Random Challenge

  1. Ha ha! Most of our movies! 😛

    Good one. 🙂 Very creative.


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