IBMC #04: Hunt a Haiku Challenge


“Get up honey! Its evening, time for your shift!” said Victoria.

“Hmm. Okay”

Shin sat on his bed looking at his lovely wife who had just returned from work. She was already in the kitchen cooking the dinner for her family. He looked outside. The sky was a crimson red now. “So it’s time, huh?” he murmured to himself and started to dress up. He was a security guard at a facility outside the city and had the night shift.

“Good bye honey. Be safe.”

“Sure. See you in the morning. Good night.”

Shin took his usual route and after an hour, was standing in front of a deserted building with his briefcase. His building. He looked at the sky again. It was dark now. He settled his things, stationed himself and started reading the magazine quietly.

Later that night in the city, a deserted alley heard a muffled voice, a dull thud and then it was all quiet once again. A dark figure appeared out of nowhere and vanished into the dark again.

It was nine in the morning. “The police has found another dead body, killed in the same way as the others, in the middle of the night. The police has no clue about the murderer. I am really worried about you Shin.” said a concerned Victoria. “Nothing to worry about dear. I will be safe,” Shin replied. He walked her down the stairs and kissed her a goodbye to work. On his way up, he murmured-

“How cruel are the ways of this world.” He had a contemplative look on his face and looked outside his window. The sun was shining brightly now.

And again-

The sun will set slow

People go home for shelter

Sun will rise again…” he paused and then continued, “but some people won’t!

The wind carried these words and THAT alley, like many others, shuddered in fear for they remembered. Those words, the menace, the murders and….no trace.



1 thought on “IBMC #04: Hunt a Haiku Challenge

  1. ooo! The hidden mystery!

    Curious. You gave a hunt, to the Haiku. Well done. 🙂


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