IBMC #07: The News and Paper Challenge

Barcelona’s Neymar to PSG for $222 million

Neymar could be about to become the world's most expensive player

content source- skysports

This was the news of the summer for the footballing world.

We are talking about FC Barcelona, Neymar JR and the premier league- some of the premium terms in world football. FC Barcelona- one of the best teams on the planet, Neymar JR- one of the best players on the planet. Then there was neymar’s transfer worth 222 million dollars from Barcelona to Paris St. Germain, a french footballing giant. yes, 222 million dollars. This has been possible only because of the injection of money, deals with companies and television rights that fetch large sums.

So the big question is- IS the money BOON or a BAN?

It has been a trend among Europe’s elites to purchase the best players from the lot. Be it the previous 90 million pounds move of Pogba to Manchester United or the 100 million pounds move of Dembele to Barcelona, we are headed to an era where teams are focused on purchasing talent rather than creating talent. This sounds like the decline of world football and the decrease in opportunities for the youngsters dreaming to make it big. There used to be days of sir Alex Ferguson when his team would destroy the best on the planet on the basis of the club grown talent, i.e the youngsters who came through the ranks. But the injection of money into the leagues has led to the extinction of this practice. For instance, some of the english teams have majority of foreign players in their squad, which in turn has hampered the quality of national teams.

On the other hand this injection of money has also led to the growth of the clubs and their internal conditions. Clubs have better facilities than ever to train the youngsters  and nurture their abilities now. The dream of having price tags of 100’s of millions of dollars and pounds on their heads gives extra motivation to the youngsters and irrespective of the initial lack of chances in the elite clubs, it keeps them motivated to continue their hard work towards success, fame and luxury like their idols. It has also increased the dynamics of the leagues, making them more competitive and entertaining.

This introduction of money can be revolutionary for world football or it might have repercussions like shift of power to a single league. It is very difficult and too early predict the effects. So all we can do is wait. But one thing is for sure, money or no money, the game was and will always be loved.7


1 thought on “IBMC #07: The News and Paper Challenge

  1. Hopes can be that, Money will make it all better! 🙂


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