Parts of YOU-

Their smiles were the same: faint half smiles with the lips forming small curves on their faces.

Eyes too. Always calm. Indifferent.

So identical in features and yet so different in their nature.

Every day they would leave their abode. To their own worlds.

Where one would smile and the other would too.

One had the curve towards the left, the other, towards the right.

Never letting anyone in,

Fooling everyone around.

But they always stayed apart.

For they knew-

  It’s only each other, they cannot fool.

  Identities would be revealed,

  Fake or real? Light would be shed,

  One would survive, maybe,

  One would be dead.      

For they knew-

 If they meet,

 Reality would make them shiver,

 For they would just be two identities of  the same person,

 Looking in the mirror…….



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