My friendship story

It seemed quite busy down there. Everyone rushing to somewhere. Busy with something or the other. It was then when I saw him. Expressionless eyes, staring at nothing. Talking to no one, going nowhere. Wasn’t even using his cellphone. Yeah, he seemed quite lost and isolated in that crowd. But i had seen many of this kind. Suffering from mood swings, sad one moment and happily dancing at the other. So I decided to ignore him.

New Doc 2017-12-15_11.jpg

Shadows kept on getting longer and longer. Something seemed strange and different down there and then i realized. He hadn’t moved an inch since the last time i saw him. Still as a stone they say.

But still, i had my doubts. More often than not, a voice searching for them or hand that would pull these kinds out of their temporary stupor would appear. I knew. I had seen them smile joyfully, again. So not yet.


New Doc 2017-12-15_12.jpg

Now,now. No hands, no voices, no texts, nothing? That seemed interesting. I slowly began my approach. Now we were face to face. And to my joy, he seemed to have recognized me. I slowly offered him my hand. He gave in to me. WE slowly started our walk together. I would turn around sometimes, wary of the souls who might still pop up, claiming to be looking for him. After all, i had experienced many close calls. But maybe he was the one. Anyway, we just kept on walking.

IMG_20180123_195448I rejoiced as we were finally at my place. I wondered. How times had changed for my good! i looked at him. He was smiling now. Blank eyes and a smile of acceptance.


Me? well, I was elated. It was time for me to celebrate. And why not? after all, LONELINESS had a friend, again, to never let go of.


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