Ep-1: The first choice

Welcome to THE YELLOW PAGES- flip through them and relive your life.

See how it all happened or see how it all can happen!!


Well, aren’t you people lucky? You have everything! We hardly knew about the things we could do with our lives. So- go inside and select whatever you want. Remember, no pressure!!”

“Yeah. Sure Dad. Will be right back!”

And you enter the room. The room of choices. Okay! i know it sounds cliche but.. but..Okay?

Anyway. You know what you have to select, right??

There is your favorite- your football. A pro in the making?

But wait! you are pretty good at singing too. Yeah! that’s it. So singing it will be.

And then a black box catches your eye. A Camera! God! you realize you completely forgot about the photographer in you!

It is a couple of hours of going through everything that makes you realize it. The magnitude of the decision you are about to make. The stethoscope or the spanner? Travelling or research? Chemicals or codes? Science or Humanities? What will your decision be?

We shall soon find out in Ep 2: The consequences

 Decisions define, decisions determine

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