Ep-3: Journey Begins

Welcome to THE YELLOW PAGES- flip through them and relive your life.

See how it all happened or see how it all can happen!!


Previously on the Yellow pages, Ep-2: The consequences, we saw our hero unsure and confused, trying to juggle trades, trying to master it all. The young and inspired, yet unfocused and naive soul seemed all confident about going all out to challenge life.

Our hero- the manager arrives in the stadium from the inspiration end with his best players-

  • The high-flying HOPE
  • The captain, the leader- BELIEF
  • A gritty and solid PERSISTENCE
  • DREAM with abilities beyond rationality

New Doc 2017-12-15_25.jpg

Our hero has his eyes all set on the goal with the opposition player LIFE being the only thing standing between him and Glory.


New Doc 2017-12-15_26.jpg The first half of the game sees LIFE standing firm between our hero’s players and the goal but allowing the opposition to have a good time, nonetheless, making them believe about them having an upper hand in the tie.

After 45 minutes- the score remains 0-0.

The second half, too is approached by the inexperienced players with sheer inspiration, without a formulated game plan.

And LIFE finally decides to take the game seriously, taking it by the scruff of the neck and with the first brutal charge, tears right through the opposition and scores.

The young mind with a high spirit refuses to give up just yet but his failure to understand the gravity of the situation and inexperience in weighing his opponent’s quality proves fatal.

Final whistle. LIFE 1 HERO 0New Doc 2017-12-15_27.jpg

Baffled and disappointed, Our Hero along with his players- a crushed HOPE, damaged BELIEF, shaky PERSISTENCE and a quiet and distant DREAM, have had his first defeat which knocked the air out of him. A defeat from an opponent who will stay until his end of days.

Our hero is utterly shattered, unable to make out where it all went wrong for him. He was doing it all but still he lacked something..!! The depressed soul takes its leave and is headed towards the plane- the plane to the land of mediocrity. The mystical land where many a defeated souls, similar to our Hero, reside. Finally the journey begins..

Will our Hero bounce back with another challenge or will he too become a part of the “happy anyway” land?

Find out in Ep-4: Transition-phase-1

Knack for understanding the errors is what differentiates You and Them. You know which Them, don’t you?

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