Another day

New Doc 2019-04-07 23.08.57_1

At dawn, there was a light,
To journeys, to success.
The grass was lush,
footsteps hush.

Soothing ray,
In vain, they pray,
for soon descends the fright,
of dried up hay, of reality’s might.

Just waiting for the moon,
in this shimmering afternoon.
When the skies will be gray,
and the branches shall sway.

A moment of relief,
A respite so brief.
When the birds will be quiet,
and the sun, not so bright.

But hours of wait,
for the night will be late.
Where will you be, which nook, which turn,
for none will give you shelter,
your skin will charred and your flesh shall burn!

Then comes the wind,
And so do the clouds,
A miracle, Oh God?
or another joke my lord?

But then at three,
felt the rain,
on the dead dried vessel,
easing the pain.

With the dusk in sight,
will one make it to the night?
Or will one wilt,
and down will he lay?
mouth open, face tilt,
just another dead on just another day!!!

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