IBMC #02: Freeze a Foto Challenge


Those pleasant eyes, that calm expression and that smile. Sounds and looks familiar, isn’t it? Is it him? Or is that her? Or is it one of them? You are unsure where exactly have you seen that expression and that face. You look up and it dawns upon you. You are able to see the person you are looking for, right in front of you, in the mirror and the next realization hits you even harder. He, she and them, all had the exactly same face. You gasp in horror.

The mask is what we are talking about. This package, the MASK contains-the faces we put on for family, friends and foes and the garbs we slip into for the sake of camouflage accompanied with the words, words coated with just the right amount of sugar to make the recipe work. In a world of indifferent individuals, it is these elements which hold the society together. The skill level of each of us is so profound that we have created independent versions of ourselves according to each of these masks that we wear. We have been juggling these personalities for so long now that we no longer remember the real us anymore. Or wait, was a real self even present?

Thoughts? Well, so many…

We are guided by the masks, spellbound to the muffled voices that come from within them. Our inspirations, our role models, everyone is nothing but a façade- an elaborate façade that has us falling for a mask- a mere fragment of their whole personality. The speakers, the poets or the very writer of this post- a guide or just another face? Original and true or Original and true?

A moment? Sure.

You are now done with the post and contemplate now. Is it all real? No conclusion. You are now looking at the mirror. Again. You close your eyes and conclude that at least your true self is guiding you and tell yourself loudly that irrespective of all the juggling, you know what you are. With a content smile on your face, you turn and walk away.

You know who you are.” the face in the mirror repeats again. “Or wait! Do you?” an eerie laugh and the face disappears.


1 thought on “IBMC #02: Freeze a Foto Challenge

  1. A mask for a moment! Well drafted. You nailed this one.

    Like the brevity of it!

    Liked by 1 person

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