IBMC #09: The Be a Baby Challenge

As a student myself, I would like to say something about performance. It has been a standard which is always misunderstood. It needs to be seen in a new light altogether.

Right from a very young age, we are judged on the basis of our performance. Be it a simple class test or a final paper. We students have always been motivated to “perform better” and without putting much attention to the actual meaning of the words, we put in everything to perform better. And we do succeed to a certain point after which we stop. The dead end, the saturation point.

Yes. When we are asked to perform better, we are being asked to enhance ourselves and not just the grade points. We strive to become nine pointers, by hook or by crook. Rote learning, shortcuts anything, everything is acceptable just to satisfy this wrong notion of “performing better”.

So we need to talk. Talk to ourselves about the true meaning of these word and strive to make ourselves better which in turn should make our performance even better.

: An insanely cliche and preachy read but true, none the less.    9

1 thought on “IBMC #09: The Be a Baby Challenge

  1. It’s all a fog!
    Then, it’s what is left after the fog disappears!


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